that's what magstock is all about. 

that's what magstock is all about.





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LOUISA, VA 23093

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photos (below): rob scullin
other site photos: clint strawderman, shoryuken kev

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- A tent with enough room for everyone Or friends you trust with tents
- Sleeping bag or something to keep you warm at night
- Folding tables, chairs
- Stuff to tie people stuff to other people stuff with (light-duty rope, twine)
- Coolers
- Food and drink (there are nearby stores, but you will be cooking stuff)
- Trash bags (GARBAGE DAY)
- Bug spray (you know, "OFF"), citronela candles
- Flashlights or lantern (battery powered highly recomended)
- Extra batteries
- Clothes
- Swimsuit- A towel (don't forget hitchhikers guide!)
- Sunscreen because if you get sunburned on the first day the rest of your experience won't be MAGTASTIC

- Portables (DS, PSP)
- Cell phone
- Camera for all the crazy moments
- Extra money for goodies, pizza delivery, some other emergency
- Hot dog/marshmallow sticks for the campfires
- Plastic bins to wash dishes in.
- Grill (small portable gas grill recommended)
- Canopy

rules & guidelines

1. Use common sense and be courteous. Also, be social! You’re here to hang out and meet people, so introduce yourself to others. If you see someone struggling, help them out.

2. We decide the camping spots. We’re trying to keep track of where people are to help people find each other, so don’t move or spread into your neighbor’s area unless you get permission from both them and us.

3. Small Country’s “3 pets per campsite” is per their sites, not our cells of assignment. You’re responsible for your pets, so keep them under control.

4. Fire safety is a must. No unattended fires! Fires must be in a fire ring or pit. If there is not a fire ring or pit, find one! No randomly setting people/places/plants/
animals/whatever else on fire.

5. No food? There are stores nearby. It’s OK to barter and share with others, but don’t expect/steal provisions. Do not sell food outright.

6. Drinking (if you’re of age) is fine. Don’t drink to the point of belligerent or fall-down drunk. If you reach this point, we’ll ask you to go to your tent to sleep it off. Don’t puke on the moon bounce. No alcohol is permitted at or on the lake anymore.

7. Dispose of your trash. We’re not your parents! We don’t want to ask you to clean up after yourself.

8. Stay hydrated! Heatstroke will not be noticed until it is too late. CONSTANTLY. DRINK. WATER.

8. Stay hydrated! Heatstroke will not be noticed until it is too late. CONSTANTLY. DRINK. WATER.

9. We’re all crammed together pretty tight. Be considerate to others. Don’t beg, steal, if your neighbor asks you to keep it down, try to do so, etc. Don’t harass others at the campground.

10. If you brought stuff to sell, don’t be pushy or shady about it. If you have more than a small table worth of things to sell, talk to us before you do it so we can assess the situation and help you. We may have an artist alley of sorts.

11. No attempting to drown people or items in the lake.

12. No vandalizing the campground or anyone else’s belongings.

13. Wear your wristband at all times while in the MAGStock area.

14. Read and abide by the Small Country Campground rules. If they are not attached, ask for them!

15. Also... No defecating in the showers, because: dude, really?


I want to make gobs of money and sell things to unsuspecting campers!
Good news! We have no idea how we're going to handle this!

If you've just got a few things you want to sell out of your car, cool. If you want to pitch a canopy (that's what she said) and do it you need to talk to us first.

I have a band and I want to play! How can I do this?
First, pretty much nothing about this show is going to be pro or even close to ideal. We hope to have some gas money for everyone that plays and everyone is going to have to share gear. It's a bunch of nerds rocking out at a campground and we're doing it on the cheap.

Still interested? First, we want your band to be nerdy somehow. The "only game music or chiptunes" rule from MAGFest won't apply to MAGstock. We're going to do 30-45 minute slots or something like that. Music will probably go from like 11am until 11pm (which is when quiet hours begin).

Quiet hours? What is this?
Don't worry, we can still talk and have smaller parties during quiet hours, it just can't be as noisy and there are going to be other campers in the campground so we don't want to rock this rad boat.

How are we going to play games at a campground? Is there going to be any power?
The campground has more power than the Hilton did. No, seriously.You will need to get creative so your things do not get wet. Or just bring portables and don't whine, please don't whine.

Are there showers? Running water?
Most definitely yes, and if you don't take a shower we are throwing you in the lake.

There's a lake?
Yes, there most certainly is a lake.

Do I have to poo in the woods?
Unless you think "morning wood" means being constipated in the morning, yes there's a toilet, that's what "running water" means.

Will the running water be hot?
We're going to make it so hot for you.

How do I get on the internet when I'm at a campground?
It's slow, but it's there. You may want to use cell phone internet, but even that's a little iffey. You should be able to at least check your email and facebook!

read: If you're playing wow at the campground you will be ejected with no refund.

Sup dog, we herd u liek pets so we put a dog in ur dog so you can pet while you pet.
Pets are allowed and there is no charge. They must be kept on a leash at all times. The site has aggessive breed restrictions so please call them first. There's a no barking and biting policy and a maximum of 3 pets allowed per campsite. Since we're all going to be crammed together you may want to consider leaving your pet in the care of someone at home.

Can I bring my kids?
Kids are allowed and there is no charge. They must be kept on a leash at all times. The site has aggessive breed restrictions so please call them first. There's a no crying/whining and biting policy and a maximum of 3 kids allowed per campsite. Since we're all going to be crammed together you may want to consider leaving your kid in the care of someone at home.

My kids aren't that young.
Then they're going to have to pay like everyone else, and we expect them to behave like everyone else.

My mom isn't that young.
If she still looks pretty good, we can probably get Mustin to hit on her.

Where am I going to get food?
Louisa is nearby and has some food places and you should certainly bring snacks and drinks for yourself and friends!

Can I drink?
The campground operators understand that you want to have a good time, and so do we. But if you yarf on the moon bounce we are going to crucify you.

They're also very good friends with the authorities. Don't piss them off.

Also, new this year: We can no longer allow alcohol on the beach, in the water, on the pier or on the strange floating waterslide thing. Sorry.

They've got a moon bounce buried in the sand and it rules. The floating thing in the lake, is still there.


This sounds really boss but I have another question / think you guys are full of it / just wet my pants / need to go eat lunch / my mom needs to make a phone call now.

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